1. No larai, just parhai. (2014)

  2. Inquilaab Zindabaad (2014)


  3. Reflections of My Father

    They say I have your eyes, but I swear they’re a little rounder

    They say I have your mouth, but mine is a lot smaller

    They say I have your nose, but yours is far wider

    Lately, the closest I have been to you is only when I’m looking in the mirror

  4. Short lived and short loved— life in Houston never felt more alive. Four years ago, I would have hated running errands for my parents, but there’s a certain sweetness to this suburban life.


  5. children of different nations

    chanting the same vibration:

    "peace, peace, peace"


  6. أنا معك، غزة

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  8. "I’d buy it if it was in black."
    — Ancient proverb (via suspend)

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  9. Desi dads, listen up!

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  11. Sometimes you don’t realize you’re happiest days until they’re over. 

  12. OITNB

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